The BerryBox platform is an industry first insurance and care services platform that brings together over 30 benefits to ensure holistic wellbeing of individuals.
BerryBox provides you with all the care services you may need to support your wellbeing. Taking a holistic approach, these services cater to all 4 important categories of care – Physical, Emotional, Social, & Financial.
You can download the app from the Google Play Store or Apple App Store.
BerryBox partners with organisations and institutions to provide the platform and benefits to end users – employees. You would have received access to the BerryBox platform through the company you work at, with the package benefits they have signed up for. Based on your requirement, you can also choose from an additional range of benefits that can be subscribed to through in-app purchases.

Benefits available to you are based on the package your company has subscribed to. Please reach out to your HR for further information.

The emergency button on the bottom taskbar will help you call for an ambulance in case of any health-related emergency.

Online Doctor Consultation - FAQs

The number of online consultations is determined by the package you have subscribed to. You are encouraged to utilize this benefit whenever you feel the need to consult with a doctor. Our aim is to prioritize your well-being and ensure you have access to the necessary medical guidance whenever required.

Yes, you can book appointments for in-clinic doctor consultations in the OPD section of the app.

Health Checkup - FAQs

The test results will be delivered to you via email to the ID provided during the order process.